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Addiction & Recovery

Faces & Voices of Recovery believes that everyone has a right to be free from addiction, Regardless of the particular path taken. Recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is real for millions of Americans and tens of thousands more get well every year. There is hope for those affected by addiction

for healthier and safer families and communities

if we treat addiction as the public health crisis that it is.
Access to recovery and support services should be readily available to all who seek it. It is time to implement public and private policies at the local, state and federal levels to maximize support for those who are committed to ending active addiction. It is time to strike down laws, policies and practices which interfere with the ability to achieve and to sustain recovery. Below is our Right to Addiction Recovery Platform, an agenda that Faces & Voices of Recovery, the national organized recovery community, will be promoting over the coming years.

An informed public and policymakers

The Surgeon General should commission a report on Addiction Recovery, similar to previous reports on mental health and other critical health issues, to draw public attention to the hope of addiction recovery and the means to achieve and support it The Institute of Medicine's recommendations for addressing addiction as a public health issue in the context of general health care should be adopted by state and federal legislative bodies. A national media and education campaign to complement existing campaigns to discourage drug use should be launched to inform the public about addiction and recovery, funded by raising the excise tax on alcoholic beverages. Members of the US House of Representatives should join the Congressional Caucus on Addiction, Treatment and Recovery and members of the US Senate should form a similar organization. State law makers should formally join together to educate themselves about the disease of addiction, learn from people in recovery, their family members and friends, and take action to support addiction recovery.