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Family laws

This area covers the laws related to, and regarding families. This includes the establishment of family and domestic relationships, the rules for creating a union - be it domestic partnerships, civil unions, or marriage, as well as their termination or dissolution, and the ensuing issues related to this, such as alimony, child support, property division, custody and the like.

Family law includes marriage, divorce, custody, visitation, family support (spousal support, child support, domestic partners), child abuse and neglect, delinquency, adoption, estate planning, elder law, new reproductive technologies and a number of other areas. There are rewarding jobs in private practice and with public and private agencies and law reform organizations. When you are deciding what courses to take and whether you want to practice in this exciting, changing and challenging area of law, keep in mind that you may need to draw on a broad range of experiences and courses when you are developing your specialty area. `

Issues Related To Family law:

When one thinks of family court, marriage, divorce, adoption, domestic abuse, child abuse and other related topics generally come to mind. All of these issues, and more, are addressed in family law.

What lawyers do in Family law?

We will give you a basic idea of what is entailed in each of the areas listed above. Jurisdiction basically deals with whether a particular Court can hear a case. In general, a divorce can be filed in Louisiana if one or both spouses are domiciled in the state. A suit to obtain the legal custody of a minor child can be brought in Louisiana if the child is domiciled in the state. If a spouse or minor has had an established residence in a parish of Louisiana for six months, they are presumed to be domiciled within the state. `