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  Cheque Bounce Cases   Dowry Cases
  Arbitration Proceedings   Labour cases
  Bails   Domestic Violence
  Bank Guarantees   Lease, rent cases
  Civil cases   Service matters
  Consumer Laws   Mutual Divorces
  Corporate Laws   Negotiable Instrument act i.e.
cases pertaining to dishonour of
  Court Marriages   Personal Laws
  Criminal Cases   Property Cases
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International Law

Offenses are divided by law into criminal and civil matters. While civil offenses infringe on a person's right to civil liberty, criminal offenses are those that violate public law.

Advices About Law Work

Lawyers work in various capacities (legal and non-legal) and often specialize in particular areas. Lawyers may specialize in trial law (civil or criminal), appellate law (helping clients who seek to reverse or to uphold lower court decisions),

Commercial Law

Commercial law is the body of law that governs the broad and sometimes vague areas of business, consumer transaction, and commerce. The application of commercial law has developed a specific set of laws that apply to commercial activities, pursuits, and transactions.